Meet KAUST prospective student: Zhiyuan Liu

KAUST ECE M.S./Ph.D. student Zhiyuan Liu.
-By Taruna Rapaka

Zhiyuan Liu, 22, is an electrical engineering graduate from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China. Zhiyuan will join KAUST in the fall of 2020 as a M.S./Ph.D. candidate and member of the Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory under the supervision of Professor Xiaohang Li.

On his previous two visits to KAUST as a visiting student, Liu was instantly impressed by the multicultural atmosphere and excellent research environment found at the University. His internship experience was the impetus in his decision to choose KAUST as the next step in his academic career.

What was your main subject during your undergraduate degree? Why did you choose it?

My major is microelectronics science and engineering. I mainly worked on semiconductor device modeling and simulation during my undergraduate degree. I choose it because semiconductor material has a wide range of applications, such as integrated circuits and optoelectronic devices.

When did your interest in electrical engineering arise? What are your research interests?

During my undergraduate period, I learned a lot of courses, including semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. I also did some experiments to deepen my understanding of the field. Gradually, I developed a keen interest in electrical engineering. 

My research interest focuses on the modeling of III-V semiconductor devices and the growth of III-V semiconductor materials, which is highly related to my undergraduate study.

What do you do in your spare time? What are you passionate about?

I like playing table tennis, badminton and volleyball.

What is your future outlook?

I hope to carry out high-level research under the direction of my supervisor Xiaohang Li. I also hope that I can continue to improve my ability to study and research.

Can you give a piece of advice to students who plan to pursue a M.S./Ph.D. at KAUST?

In my opinion, a short or long visit to KAUST before applying is essential. During the visit, you get to know the laboratory where you will work, find your real research interests, and generally experience life at KAUST. Don’t hesitate to apply because I believe that KAUST always welcomes good students to join.