Precise editing of genomes

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Building 2, Level 5, Room 5209


The seminar will focus on the use of gene editing to make xenotransplantation a clinical reality. We used CRISPR to eradicate all endogenous retroviruses from a pig genome [Niu et al. Science 2017] and are now making transgenic pigs with up to 12 immune-related gene edits. I will also briefly discuss how to improve safe gene delivery to the human genome and introduce our first steps in multiplex metagenome engineering.


Marc's research interests are focused on technology development and clinical applications of Synthetic Biology. His laboratory is currently working on mammalian gene editing for therapeutic purposes as well as on metagenome and microbiome engineering. After a postdoc with George Church (Wyss Institute, Harvard University) he recently became a principal investigator and assistant professor at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). He is a founding scientist at eGenesis Bio (xenotransplantation, as well as co-founder of S-Biomedical (skin microbiome,

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