Anuj Daga stands at the intersection of biology and technology as a Machine Learning Engineer and Research Specialist at KAUST's Computational Biology Research Center. With a unique blend of expertise in bioinformatics, knowledge representation, reasoning, and machine learning, he's pioneering advancements in protein and drug design. Anuj's academic foundation is robust, having graduated from the esteemed IIT Kharagpur and later earning his MSc in Computer Science from KAUST. His academic and professional journeys have taken him across the globe, from India to the USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

Beyond the realm of research and academia, Anuj is an ardent photographer, capturing moments and memories. He's also an avid sports enthusiast, always ready for a game, and a travel aficionado, eager to explore new horizons. Whether it's diving into complex research or exploring the world's landscapes, Anuj approaches life with passion and curiosity.