Peng Han is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science program at Machine Intelligence and kNowledge Engineering (MINE) Laboratory under the supervision of Professor Xiangliang Zhang at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Prior to that, he was a Research Associate in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) under the supervision of Prof. Aixin Sun, Singapore. He received his M.E. in Computer Science from Renmin University of China (RUC) at BDAI lab (leaded by Prof. Ji-rong Wen) in 2017.

Research Interests

​Peng's research interests include Computer vision, Recommendation System, Distributed Deep Learning​.

Selected Publications
  • GCN-MF: Disease-Gene Association Identification By Graph Convolutional Networks and Matrix Factorization 
    • Peng Han, Peng Yang, Peilin Zhao, Shuo Shang, Yong Liu, Jiayu Zhou, Xin Gao, Panos Kalnis 
    • KDD-2019 The 25th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • AUC-MF: Point of Interest Recommendation with AUC Maximization 
    • Peng Han, Shuo Shang, Aixin Sun, Peilin Zhao, Kai Zheng, Panos Kalnis 
    • ICDE-2019 IEEE 35th International Conference on Data Engineering
  • Detecting Thoracic Diseases via Representation Learning with Adaptive Sampling 
    • Hao Wang, Yuan-Yuan Yang, Yang Pan, Peng Han, Zhong-Xiao Li, He-Guang Huang, Shun-Zhi Zhu 
    • Neurocomputing-201Neurocomputing
  • Graph-boosted convolutional neural networks for semantic segmentation 
    • Guangzhen Liu, Peng Han, Yulei Niu, Wenwu Yuan, Zhiwu Lu, Ji-Rong Wen 
    • IJCNN-2017 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
  • Large-scale sparse learning from noisy tags for semantic segmentation 
    • Aoxue Li, Zhiwu Lu, Liwei Wang, Peng Han, Ji-Rong Wen 
    • Cybernetics-2017 IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
  • Segmentation with Selectively Propagated Constraints 
    • Peng HanGuangzhen Liu, Songfang Huang, Wenwu Yuan, Zhiwu Lu 
    • ICONIP-2016 International Conference on Neural Information Processing
  • Learning from weak and noisy labels for semantic segmentation 
    • Zhiwu Lu, Zhenyong Fu, Tao Xiang, Peng Han, Liwei Wang, Xin Gao 
    • TPAMI-2016 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • Weakly supervised matrix factorization for noisily tagged image parsing 
    • Yulei Niu, Zhiwu Lu, Songfang Huang, Peng Han, Ji-Rong Wen 
    • IJCAI-2015 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • Semantic sparse recoding of visual content for image applications 
    • Zhiwu Lu, Peng Han, Liwei Wang, Ji-Rong Wen 
    • TIP-2015 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

Education Profile

  • ​B. E., Information and Computation Science, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2010-2014.
  • M. E., Computer Science, Renmin University of China, 2014-2017.

Awards and Distinctions

  • IJCAI-Alibaba Competetion 2015.
  • Predicted purchasers’ desire to purchase commodity via computer modeling.
  • Our team outstood as the 4th place among 753 teams from 258 colleges and 28 countries.
  • ImagNet Competition 2015 (Team Leader).
  • Our team was awarded 2nd place in the Object Detection from Video.