CBRC successfully concludes the KAUST Research Conference on Computational Advances in Structural Biology 2023

CBRC concluded The KAUST Research Conference 2023 on Computational Advances in Structural Biology.  The conference had a jam-packed three days of engaging talks from prominent local and international speakers. 

CBRC would like to express its heartfelt appreciation to all of the guest speakers, Organizing committee and attendees who contributed to the KAUST Research Conference 2023 on Computational Advances in Structural Biology. We are thankful to BESE Dean Prof. Samir Hamdan and CBRC Interim Director Xin Gao for delivering the opening remarks. It was a truly successful event, and we are grateful for all of the support and participation.

We feel that this conference offered an excellent forum for addressing the most recent advances in computational structural biology. The three-day program had six sessions focusing on the following topics:
•    Computational methods to improve the analysis of experimental structural biology data
•    Rational design in structural biology
•    Integrated modelling at the mesoscale
•    Extending structural biology to the proteome
•    Applications of structural biology in health, environment and biotech
•    Spotlight on Young Talent

During the closing remarks, conference chair and CBRC professor Stefan Arold announced the poster competition winners. Brandon Huntington took first place this year, Sakhaa Alsaedi came in second place and Nguyan Ngan came in third place.

CBRC Conference 2023 poster session winners
Poster session winners: Left to right: Nguyan Ngan(Third place), Brandon Huntington(First place) & Sakhaa Alsaedi(Second place)

Brandon gave a poster presentation titled “UN-raveling the role of CDC48A in plant protein homeostasis”. “Integrative Multiomics Network Analysis of Genetic Risk Factors to Infer Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets Using Transfer Learning and Causal Knowledge Graph Embedding” was the focus of Sakhaa's poster presentation. Nguyan Ngan gave a poster presentation on “Differentiable Electron Microscopy Simulation: Methods and Applications”.

We believe that the rich insights and ideas discussed throughout the conference will lead to significant discoveries and collaborations that will further progress the field. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this conference a success, and we look forward to ongoing participation and collaboration in the field of structural biology.