CBRC’s collaboration with Saudi Aramco to build future careers

Comparative Genomics and Genetics Laboratory at CBRC recently hosted students for the ARAMCO internship program. At the Laboratory students conducted various experiments, one of them being distillation of water to collect some microorganisms, bacteria or viruses. Similar Distillation methods are also used to separate Crude oil into broad categories in Oil refineries around the world.

The Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) in collaboration with Saudi Aramco, recently hosted Interns from different universities to work on biotechnological application of microbes in Oil industry.

The role of biotechnological advancements in different fields is making its way to the oil industry. This collaboration has helped facilitate the role of advanced sustainability with the application of biotechnology and bioengineering. The strategic advancement of Saudi Aramco to look into this new challenge is driven by the sustainable approach taken towards efficient energy production.

The ARAMCO Internship program is designed to enable students to understand the potential of data and computational biology in the wet lab and further to the industry. The program is an ideal way for students to enrich their university experience by relating their academic studies to actual work situations.