Former CBRC PhD Student Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin Highlighted for AI Contributions on Saudi National TV

Former CBRC PhD student Dr. Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin's AI journey featured on Saudi National TV's Josoor Program. Image courtesy Josoor Program, Saudi National TV

Former CBRC PhD student Dr. Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin, now a senior research scientist at Google DeepMind in Zurich, was featured by the Josoor Program on Saudi National TV. The program, meaning "Bridges" in Arabic, highlighted Dr. Alabdulmohsin's journey from his education at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and Stanford University to his leadership roles at Aramco's Advanced Analytics team. After graduating from KAUST under the supervision of Prof. Xin Gao, he joined DeepMind in 2019, contributing to groundbreaking AI research. The 24-minute episode explores his career and contributions to the field. Dr. Alabdulmohsin's commitment to advancing AI underscores his pivotal role in shaping the future of technology.

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