Students learn about genomics in Red Sea Summer Course

By Rose Gregorio 

Distinguished Professor and CBRC Associate Director Takashi Gojobori recently gave a talk about population genomics and genomic evolution to a group of international students at the 2018 KAUST Red Sea Summer Course.

The Red Sea Summer Course, organized by Red Sea Research Center Director and Professor Michael Berumen,  allows undergraduate and Master's students, as well as recent graduates from these levels, to join a three-week program to expose students to different aspects of Red Sea marine science such as genomics, biological oceanography and microbiology.

Professor Gojobori, a world-renowned expert on molecular evolution and comparative genomics, said that a sound knowledge of genomics will be useful in marine science research, particularly for those interested in marine biology.

He was very impressed with this year's group of students and encourages them to study at KAUST.  "They are very excellent and strongly motivated.  I wish some of them come to join KAUST as M.S. or M.S./Ph.D. students," he said.