CBRC hosts the Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG) Conference 2019

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) is hosting for the first time the Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG) Conference at KAUST on April 15 & 16, 2019 in Building 19, Hall 1 and 2.

SSMG aims to bring together medical geneticists and other related professionals involved in the care of individuals and families with genetic diseases. Its objectives are to advance and promote the science and practice of genetics, to provide a platform for collaboration and personal exchanges between the researchers and health practitioners.

A number of topics will be discussed at the conference, including diagnostic genetics, preventive genomics, genetic counseling, bioinformatics, and Big Data analytics. Updates on the latest in the treatment of genetic disorders will be also discussed.

The conference aims to bring together workers who have a common interest in genetics, to understand, prevent, cure and alleviate conditions with a genetic etiology. It is of particular interest to pediatricians, clinical and metabolic geneticists, genetic researchers, metabolic dietitians, genetic counselors and other health practitioners who may have an interest in this area.

Attendance is free for KAUST staff, students, researchers, and the community.

Further details can be found on our website, along with the agenda here (subject to changes), we hope to see you there

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Takashi Gojobori, Associate Director, CBRC
  • Prof. Vladimir Bajic, Director CBRC
  • Prof. Pierre Magistretti, Dean Bioscience, Biological, Environmental Science & Engineering Division
  • Prof. Carlos Duarte, Marine Science
  • Prof. Charlotte Hauser, Bioscience
  • Prof. Stefan Arold, Bioscience
  • Prof. Jesper Tegner, Computer Science
  • Prof. Xin Gao, Computer Science
  • Prof. Meriem Laleg, Electrical Engineering
  • Prof. Xiangliang Zhang, Computer Science  
  • Prof. Robert Hoehndorf, Computer Science
  • Dr. John Archer, Principal Research Scientist, CBRC
  • Dr. Katsuhiko Mineta, Senior Research Scientist, CBRC
  • Dr. Magbubah Essack, Research Scientist, CBRC
  • Dr. Boris Jankovic, Senior Computational Scientist, CBRC
  • Dr. Mohammed Alarawi, Research Specialist, CBRC
  • Dr. Sami Alqarawi, Manager In Kingdom Collaborator
General Secretariat
  • Asuka Kutsuma, Research Technician, CBRC
  • Sultan Ahmad, Business Manager, CBRC
  • Linda Remil, Executive Secretary, CBRC
  • Wadha Aljishi, Administrative Assistant, CBRC