Effat University students visit CBRC labs

Research Scientist Raik Grunberg talks about their research at the Structural Biology and Engineering Lab

​A group of students and faculty from Effat University visited the CBRC labs on September 25, 2018. The students, whose studies range from computer science, electrical and computer engineering and information systems, were introduced to the Structural Biology and Engineering Lab, Comparative Genomics and Genetics Lab, as well as the Microbial Technology Group Lab. 

KAUST CEMSE CBRC PhD Student Siham Fatani Introduces Comparative Genomics Genetics Lab

Ph.D. student Siham Fatani introduces the Comparative Genomics and Genetics Lab

KAUST CEMSE CBRC Effat University Students Faculty With Reprsentatives From CBRC

Effat University students and faculty with representatives from CBRC and Saudi Affairs

After the lab tour, the group was invited to attend a faculty panel discussion with Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and Director of CBRC Vladimir Bajic, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Taous Meriem Laleg Kirati, Associate Professor of Computer Science Xiangliang Zhang, and Assistant Professor of Computer Science Robert Hoehndorf. The professors talked about their research areas and shared what they expect from those who wish to apply to their research groups. Many of the students expressed their desire to one day study at KAUST. 

KAUST CEMSE CBRC Xiangliang Zhang Taous Meriem Laleg Kirati Vladimir Bajic Robert Hoehndorf

Faculty panel discussion: (L-R) Xiangliang Zhang, Taous Meriem Laleg Kirati, Vladimir Bajic, Robert Hoehndorf

CBRC welcomes visitors from other universities around Saudi Arabia and we look forward to accepting applications from qualified students into our programs​. ​