CBRC - Aramco holds a joint workshop | Biotechnology in Oilfield Workshop 28 - 29 Sep, 2021

Workshop Description:

The applications of biotechnology have gained popularity in the petroleum industry in recent times as an excellent alternative approach to some of the conventional oilfield operations due to its environmentally friendly impact and sustainability. The approaches mainly depend on the use of micro-biological systems, living organisms, or parts of it to develop or create a group of essential products for the petroleum industry. For example, fracturing and drilling fluid breakers, bio- surfactants, and Bio-mineralization for different field applications. The workshop topics will cover opportunities, challenges, traditional applications of biotechnology in the oilfield industry and will also shed the light on the emerging, new trend topics. This will give a comprehensive overview of where biotechnology stands in the petroleum industry and highlights the potential biotechnological solutions for different challenges in this industry. Please click here for full AGENDA.

Workshop Objectives:

1. Connecting researchers, manufacturers, and oilfield professionals from academia and industry to explore new opportunities in applied biotechnology in the petroleum industry.

2. Highlight current and new trends of biotechnology in upstream challenges and operations.

3. Discuss the role of biotechnology in sustainability.

4. Share the potential bio-products that can replace conventional oilfield chemicals.